History of Burntwood

Burntwood was originally formed as a small parish town just outside of Lichfield and changed its name from the collective ‘Burntwood, edial and woodhouses. to just simply ‘Burntwood’ in 1929. More recently the adjoined villages of Chasetown and chase terrace addresses were changed to sit within Burntwood making it the primary name for the area

The name Burntwood is said to have comes from the burning of large heath in Cannock chase forest by the township of Hammerwich, this is mentioned in the 1296 forest proceedings which is the first mention of Burntwood in the history books.The name was in common use by 1298 when the bishop of Coventry and loch field had 300 acres of land in the area of Brendewood.

The Fulfen area on rugby road became inhabited by around 1530 with one of the oldest pubs in the region ‘the nags head’ in place by around 1775. All the bishops land was sold to sir William Pager in 1546 and the Pagers still remained the land owners up until the 20th century.

Chasetown was formed and extended out of Hammerwich for the coal miners settling in the area following one of the first mines in the area being opened in 1852.

The Chase terrace area was again formed again around the expanding mining history and also home to a number of farms including Thomas Sankeys farm which sat on the corner of one of the old Roman roads that runs through burnt wood pointing exactly north. This area is now known as Sankeys corner.

Since then Burntwood has gone a number of changes with the coming and going of a cinema which the turned into a bingo hall until it was knocked down in the early 90’s. The building of the Burntwood Library on the corner field , the lottery grant funded Burntwood Leisure centre getting revamped as well as new roads splitting up the old Roman road to create a bypass with large Morrison supermarket (originally built as Safeway) sat in its center. Burntwood also now has the Midlands toll road pass directly through it at junction T6.

Chasewater the local large lake (expanded in the war due to bombing) also has had its railway rebuilt running steam train rides at weekends around the waters and through to Brownhills with special events going on throughout the year, also the introduction of the station cafe.

In Recent years Burntwood has expanded further with the introductory of a new Aldi store, however all these large stores are sadly taking its toll on the local shops of the small village with many of the stores in the town centres being left closed.

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