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  1. avatar Common Question says:

    How do I remove the adverts on the right hand side of my website, and also remove the top black WS7 menu bar?

    • avatar Answer says:

      Go into your control panel and in the left hand side menu you will see ‘GO PRO’ choose this and read more on how you can remove adverts, get extra themes and more web space from just £4 per month

  2. avatar Common Question says:

    How do I set which page I want as my homepage

    • avatar Answer says:

      By default your homepage is your news page, but you may want to make a static page as your first page

      Click on the drop down next to the settings menu over on the left and choose ‘reading’

      in there select the check box next to ‘a static page’ then from the drop down below choose the page you want as your home page, Below this you can choose which page you now want as your news page or ‘posts page’

      to assign a different page as your news page just create a blank page called ‘news’ and from the drop down select this as the ‘posts page’

      See the video guide on how to do all this here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDR8OzIGVTk

      See ‘creating pages’ on how to create and edit new pages.

  3. avatar Common Question says:

    How do I change the large image on my standard homepage to my logo?

    • avatar Answer says:

      To do this click on the ‘appearance’ menu in the left hand side of your control panel, select ‘header’ and in here you can choose from presets or upload your own. Or view the ‘how to’ video guide here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBu-DE2j3DI

  4. avatar Tom Lyon says:

    ive edited my page but its not showing on the website its still the origional text

    • avatar WS7 Admin says:

      As standard the front page is your news items page. We can see you have edited your ‘About us’ page. If you want this to become your homepage see ‘How do I set which page I want as my homepage’ above.

      Hope this helps

  5. avatar Common Question says:

    How to I upload images to my page?

    • avatar Answer says:

      When in your edit area, click on the small square icon next to where it says ‘Upload/Insert’ you can then select multiple images from your computer to upload, however there is a maximum size limit so make sure your files are not too huge!

  6. avatar animatomix1 says:


    Is there any way of ammending the URL of the website to read this http://www.animatomixproductions.ws7.co.uk?

    • avatar WS7 Admin says:

      When creating your site for the first time you get the option to choose what you want as your URL.. to change it afterwards you can just send an email to info@ws7.co.uk to request a change, we will do this for you now.

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