Remove Adverts:

To allow us to provide this crazy free service to all of Burntwood we add some adverts on the right hand side of every free website as standard. This helps us bring in the money to carry on doing what we do.

But you do have the option to ‘go pro’ and remove these adverts as well as get extra features

- remove top WS7 menu bar
- remove all adverts
- get extra 10mb space for all the content you need
- get extra website themes to customise your style

All this from just £4 per month

Just choose ‘go pro’ from the left hand menu when logged into your websites control panel.

Go fully Pro

At some point you may be ready to go for the full complete custom website option to look and feel exactly how you want, with your own custom design and additional extras such as e-commerce online sales, animation and even custom domain name without the .ws7 extension.

We offer all this and more through our professional web design and hosting service. Contact us now for more details.

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